Message | | January 12th, 2024

21 days Prayer & Fasting:
Day 5: Prayer recognizes the role of community

Our anchor scripture for today is found in Matthew 6: 9 (NET) and it reads: “​So, pray this way:​ ​Our Father​ ​in heaven, may your name be honored” By beginning the Lord’s prayer with the pronoun of “our” instead of “my”, Jesus is not just using the plural pronoun because he is speaking to a large group of people but he is instead pointing to the truth that God’s plans include people and topics larger than ourselves. Jesus’ hearers would have understood therefore that God was just their God but the God of the person next to them and that he cared for them also. Jesus, therefore, wants us to develop a prayer perspective that is not myopic or individualistic but one that cares about all of what God cares about

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