Make Houston a Place
Where Jesus Is King

Reach the Unreached in
Houston’s Galleria Neighborhood

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Make Houston
a Place Where
Jesus Is King

Reach the Unreached in
Houston’s Galleria Neighborhood

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There’s a hidden
need in Houston.

Houston is a beautiful multicultural and diverse city brimming with professionals across a spectrum of disciplines. They come from all over the world with a variety of spiritual backgrounds.

We are part of this community. We’re Dayo and Dupe Adeyefa, first generation immigrants working at Texas Medical Center and living in downtown Houston’s Galleria neighborhood.

In our time here, we’ve discovered that our colleagues and others like them feel:

  • Lonely and isolated
  • Anxious about work and family
  • Burned out from overwork
  • Disconnected from God
  • Unsupported in their life’s calling

Many of these souls are from a diverse background who don’t relate to the current megachurch culture. They’re educated and skeptical of the church. We have noticed a decline of the basic knowledge of the scriptures and the saving power of the Gospel.

They need Jesus, but they don’t know that yet!

We Are
King’s City Church

As a married couple living and working in our community, we’ve been able to touch lives and minister to this group of people. We’ve served as mentors and leaders. We’ve developed an online ministry, a launch team, and a Saturday morning Bible study.

And we’ve done all of this asking one question:

What would it be like if Jesus was King in Houston?

We’ve watched people begin to put Jesus first, growing through the systematic study of Scripture and see their lives change.

And now, we’re getting ready to launch a full service. As co-vocational ministers, our financial resources will come predominantly from our work but we are fundraising to meet the need of the church plant so that we have the resources to proclaim the gospel, equip kingdom minded disciples and serve the lost and needy in our city.

Will you help us proclaim, embody and demonstrate the gospel in Houston?

About the People of Houston’s Galleria Neighborhood

King’s City Church invites people to experience the love of Jesus. We want to point to Him as King because, under His reign, the deepest longings of every heart are truly satisfied.

The people we feel called to reach are:
  • Highly educated (with postgraduate degrees 118% above the national average)
  • A mix of young starters, established families, and struggling urbanites
And so far, we've been reaching them both online and in-person through:
  • Our Instagram channel, Gospel Truth TV and our personal You-tube page.
  • Our Saturday morning Bible study every weekend since the summer of 2020 — even during COVID
Now we’re poised to start Sunday morning services both in-person and online by Fall 2021

Our team will fill every week with:

  • Exuberant worship
  • Thoughtful Bible-based teaching
  • Heart-to-heart connection
  • Intentional discipleship
  • House Churches

Help Houston’s Hustle-Culture

Experience the
One True God

Bring the hope of Jesus to immigrants, educated professionals, struggling families, and more in downtown Houston.

Invest in our mission and help us launch King’s City Church.

Help Launch King’s City

Meaningful Relationships

King’s City will be a place where disconnected people find a home in Houston.

Fulfillment and Purposes

King’s City will help people connect their calling to the one who calls.

Help for the Whole Person

King’s City will show people how to bring their entire life under Jesus’ lordship.

Help Houston’s Galleria Area Experience the One True God

We’re building and growing a church, but we need your help to make it happen.

Here’s our budget.


Text “KINGSCITYCHURCH” to 77977 to help support the mission.


Our Launch Team

We’re not doing this alone, and we’re building in checks and balances from the beginning.

Meet The Team
Interested In Joining The Team? Connect With Us.

Our Leadership

Dayo & Dupe Adeyefa

Dayo will serve as lead pastor of King’s City Church as Dupe supports him. Dayo and Dupe both served at Dominion Chapel Houston under the leadership of Pastors Bayo and Toun Fadugba for 10 years before sensing the call to plant a church in the city of Houston. Dayo currently works professionally as an anesthesiologist and Dupe is a breast radiologist. Both are currently working on masters’ degrees through Dallas Theological Seminary with Dayo currently in the Master’s of Arts in Christian Leadership program and Dupe in the Master’s of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies program. We have 4 children: Deborah (9), David (7), Danielle (5), and Dara (3). The six of us just became the proud parents of a Goldendoodle named Dash!

Our Team

Karri May

Karri's Bio

Karri May is a believer and lover of Jesus. She also serves as a business professional and holds her MBA in Accounting. She is from Houston, Texas and is very family oriented. Aside from spending time with family and friends, she enjoys reading, staying active, and seeking out new experiences.

Dayo Seton

Dayo's Bio

Dayo is a husband and a father of two wonderful boys. More importantly, he believes in the redemptive power of Christ and has seen Christ’s power at work in his own life. Professionally, he is an in-house corporate attorney with a technology company in Houston TX, specializing in technology related transactions and privacy matters. He has served on the boards of several nonprofits catering to the residency needs of the homeless population and the healthcare needs of low income residents. Dayo received his B.Sc in Computer Science from Frostburg State University, MD, and his law degree from the University of Houston, T

Tunde Adeyefa

Tunde's Bio

Tunde Adeyefa is a gastroenterologist in the North Houston area of Texas. Alongside his wife Toyin, they own and operate Allied Digestive Disease Center of Houston, a private medical practice focusing on caring for the community through gastrointestinal services and education. While serving the community through medicine is his passion; his first ministry is to his family.

At his core, Tunde is a family man, enjoying quality time with his four children. Tunde is passionate about Jesus and looks forward to serving Christ in whatever capacity is needed.<

Chilobe & Megan Kalambo

Chilobe & Megan's Bio

Chilobe and Megan Kalambo are the proud parents of 4 wonderful children, Caleb, Eliana, Naomi, and Levi. Megan is originally from California and Chilobe was born and raised in Zambia. Megan works in the medical field a radiologist while Chilobe works as an accountant. Chilobe also serves as a Bible teacher as well as on the boards of Hope International, Ten Thousand Villages, No Borders Houston, and the Global Initiative for Better Health. The Kalambo’s love participating in their kids many extracurricular activities and enjoy taking family trips. But most of all they have a passion for the Kingdom and helping people be all they can be in Christ Jesus!

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