We help people belong to home groups where they seek to get to know and love one another in community. In addition, growth happens through deep relationships and in communities where the implications of the gospel are not just worked out cognitively but also practically. In the end, we become more like the people we hang out with.

Home Groups

We believe that as a church we grow in community. We help people belong to groups that love one another and live out the gospel of Jesus, together. Home Groups are a space where you get to grow in community with God and one another, using the gifts that the Lord has given you to build up the body of Christ

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Gospel Track Series

What is the Gospel? The King’s City’s Gospel Track Series is a discipleship course designed to help answer this question and how it applies to us now.

We offer this customized online resource on RightNow Media, an online church video library. Essentially, it’s a Netflix for Bible studies with videos for kids, students, singles, parents, and married couples.

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